Our Energy Efficiency team provides a wide variety of services to help ensure your business meets sustainability and energy efficiency requirements, whether they’re legislative or internal targets, or to meet your corporate social responsibility policy.
The service includes:

Energy Management & Consultancy
  • Flexible Energy Manager Resource
    Our experts can act as an energy manager to meet your business requirements, set up any energy management infrastructure, train staff or provide an ongoing energy management service.
  • ESOS Compliance
    Our qualified ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) Lead Assessor can assist in ensuring you meet ESOS compliance.
  • Carbon Consultancy
    Our CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants can advise you on ways to reduce your carbon emissions to meet your targets.
  • Energy Audits & Surveys
    We will carry out audits and surveys, then compile reports with recommendations, which can also form part of your ESOS compliance.
  • Metering Consultancy
    The meters tell the story of how your building runs. We will provide recommendations of the best location to install meters and verify the accuracy to help tell this story.
  • Monitoring implementation
    Having the meters in the right location is important. Being able to extract the data and have it on a platform to easily assess the data allows you to see where energy savings are being met.
  • Monitoring and targeting
    Having the tools to monitor your consumption is a first step. By installing the meters and assessing the data from them, we can then monitor and target areas where energy can be saved.
  • Lifecycle modelling
    We will create a lifecycle model of any energy initiative and tailor it to your organisation to help inform your decisions.
  • M&V Plan
    Our CMVP can help provide measurement and verification plans that meet the International Performance for Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the international standard for measurement and verification, which is used to prove savings.
  • Validation
    We can validate the financial and energy savings from any initiative.

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