AMD’s dedicated Facilities Management team has built a strong reputation for high-quality delivery and sector-leading collaborative processes and serves a client portfolio ranging from sectors such as education, housing, commercial property and leisure.

In this month’s Conversation With, Neeha Sufaj, AMD’s National FM Manager, talks about industry challenges and innovation.

How long have you worked at AMD?

I joined AMD in March this year with a background in managing maintenance operations within the rail sector as well as residential and commercial properties. I decided to take the next step in my career and join AMD as it is an exciting time for the company. Since the Pandemic, we have sadly witnessed significant construction and engineering companies fall into administration. However, AMD has been successful and is now celebrating 50 years within the industry. I am determined to help them take the next step in expanding and exposing the benefits of their FM service delivery offering and exposing them to new sectors within the industry that can benefit from their services.


What makes AMD’s FM offering different from other FM Specialists?

Whilst there are many FM specialists within the industry, what makes AMD’s offering unique is the team of experts they have built. AMD has an in-house Design and Install team delivering projects as well as having the expertise to deliver energy and sustainability solutions. Our FM Department is fortunate to be supported by the other two arms of the company, which helps us go that one step further when conducting maintenance. We have a smooth and efficient approach, using our in-house experience to propose innovative solutions for your building or portfolio. If there are larger project works recommended on the back of the maintenance we conduct, you can rest assured that AMD can deliver them. The Field Engineering team are of the highest calibre I have experienced. I have noted how clients regularly praise how good they are at communicating things whilst on site, and I enjoy that they always take that one step further to ensure our clients are satisfied.

How is the FM Landscape changing?

The landscape of FM is always evolving and this stems from growing technologies as well as trends. As it evolves, our clients are facing different challenges, and we are always seeking ways to be initiative-taking in our solutions. One challenge faced by our clients could be as simple as pre-completed work orders and finding a system that can help them maintain their planned and reactive maintenance. Our clients have that peace of mind, whereby we can provide them with access to an online portal to view their work orders as well as having the tools to create scheduled maintenance programs that they can have visibility of. This enables our clients to view exactly what is going on with a work order at any given time as the information is reported in real-time via a PDA from the engineers carrying out the works on site.

What innovations and changes are you looking to introduce?

We have a big year of change at AMD, and I am excited to be contributing to that. In the brief time I have been here, what is already clear is how understanding AMD are of how reliant clients are on their assets fully functioning. We now ensure as standard when conducting planned or reactive maintenance to conduct an Asset Trend Analysis for our clients, enabling us to advise on measures to help our clients reduce costs, boost the lifespan of their assets, and help them meet their environmental targets. As an example, recently we had customers experiencing issues with having to call out an engineer to replace halogen lights. With this standard process now in place, we were able to propose and then efficiently change the lighting to LED, helping them become more sustainable.


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