Project Description

HSBC Reading CMB

VALUE: £460,000
SERVICES: Mechanical and Electrical, Energy Efficiency Modelling
SECTOR: Commercial

AMD Environmental was asked to create a large conference facility on a floor with office accommodation.

The landlord’s services were insufficient to meet the client’s requirements. The ventilation system would not be able to provide enough fresh air for the substantial increase in occupancy and air conditioning would not be able to cope with over capacity if peak loads are required simultaneously in various spaces.

AMD Environmental’s solution was the redesigned the ventilation system; redesign of ductwork to loop around with space and installed motorised dampers that served various spaces; installation of a CO2 sensor in preference of simple occupancy sensors to monitor and fully control the CO2 levels to maintain a steady level of fresh air with the aid of the dampers; and installation of LED lighting with full lighting control, reducing the energy usage from lighting within the building

This solution meant that the client had a modernised design with inherently energy efficient systems – demand-based ventilation, better control on ventilation, reduced fan energy, reduced lighting loads, more efficient light output per circuit watt, though usage of LED lighting, and less waste heat generated from LED fittings compared to conventional fittings, therefore reducing cooling loads.