Project Description

Client: ISS
Project Name: Barclays Northampton NER Room
Project Location: 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7SG
Services: Mechanical & Electrical

Installation of new ventilation system to NER room comprising of MVHR, Extract fan and FCU’s with associated ductwork, grilles and fire dampers.

Installation of new AC system comprising of external condensers, BC controller, internal wall mounted AC units and AE200 controller.

Installation of new BMS panel interfaced with all new mechanical plant items and life safety fire system.

Installation of VESDA smoke detection system to encryption room.

Installation of sprinkler pre-action system.

Installation of leak detection system covering all mechanical plant.

Installation of new distribution boards for general power and lighting & UPS supplied DBs for critical services. Separate DB installed in encryption room for lighting & small power. General small power & lighting DB and encryption room DB supplied via ATS panels.

Installation of new LED lighting system including emergency lighting. Installation of new lighting control system manufactured by Delmatic.

Installation of new small power for all mechanical plant & desk dado sockets outlets.

Installation of primary & secondary containment for data, security & fire alarm wiring.

Commissioning and certification of all the above systems upon completion.