Project Description

Major High Street Bank De-Carbonisation Roll Out

Client: Major High Street Bank
Project Name: De-Carbonisation Roll-Out
Project Location: UK Wide
Contract Length: 16 Weeks
Services: Heating, Cooling, Electrical Distribution, Small Power & Commissioning

AMD Environmental are proud to announce that we have completed a Nationwide ‘Decarbonisation Programme’ with a major High Street Bank.

With a target set by the government to achieve carbon net zero by 2050, our client has made extreme efforts in attempting to achieve this across its banking branches. Within their sustainability strategy they already been successful in its efforts in working towards decarbonisation by ensuring that 100% of their electricity is obtained from renewable sources. Whilst this has been successful, there are still emissions being omitted by gas and diesel.

AMD Environmental have been supporting their aspirations in helping them implement their decarbonisation programme to target emissions generated by gas and diesel through delivering projects to remove gas supplies from the entire Branch Network.

90 Locations in 16 Weeks

The ambitious scheme started in November 2021 and entailed 90 branches to be surveyed, designed, procured, and delivered within a 4-month period – from Dundee in the North, right down to Barnstable in the Southwest.

AMD Environmental were excited to be challenged from the beginning with this rollout. What made our delivery successful is precision planning and a dedicated team in delivering and meeting our clients’ expectations in ensuring to complete 90 locations within 16 weeks. Having an in-house team of Energy and Carbon Reduction specialists thoroughly supported us and our client in delivering this programme. From conception through to the delivery stage of the programme, we worked in conjunction with our client at each stage to survey each branch to determine its specific requirements. We successfully removed the existing gas fired heating systems in its entirety replacing the old radiators (where required) with highly efficient electric heaters.

AMD Environmental are proud to have been part of project which makes a substantial difference to our environment and helping another company to reach its sustainability targets.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The AMD Team Successfully Completed:

  • Removal of Gas Boilers
  • Removal of existing radiators and pipework
  • Re-calculation/s of existing branches to determine replacement plant
  • Installation of new highly efficient electric heaters
  • Installation of supplementary distribution boards for new electrical circuits
  • Full commissioning of new systems installed

 “We were delighted to be supporting one of our national High Street banking clients in this project.  Energy and Carbon Reduction has become our fastest growing service line, and it is of great pride to the entire business that companies chose to trust and partner such with AMD Environmental being confident in our track record of delivery and success.”

Managing Director – AMD Group, Jon King

“When we were first approached by our existing client and their goals were outlined, we were excited as a team by the challenge to deliver. Key to the overall success in any fast-paced roll-out of this nature is planning and preparation and with our experienced in-house team members, we were delighted at completing our clients goals in line with the programme and within budget”

Managing Director – AMD Group, Marcus Sullivan

“The requirement to deliver the number of sites in such a short space of time was an exciting, yet challenging task. From our in house design team producing up to 10 Contractors Proposal per week to our commercial account lead procuring the required equipment and supply chain saw an incredible joint effort within the different departments within AMD to successfully deliver. Operationally, delivering these weeklong projects and having the capability to react to any additional requirements from the client whilst producing high standard completion documents was a fantastic joint effort from all involved. This scheme of works was a huge success and the feedback from the client has been incredibly positive. Despite the amount of work and effort involved to complete the programme, I would happily do it all again and that’s due to the incredible support from the team and collective effort in making this project a huge success.

Contracts Manager, Greg Cheshire