Project Description

Client: Nationwide Building Society
Project Name: Nationwide Swindon CRM
Project Location: Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon SN3 1TX
Contract Length: 12 Months
Services: Mechanical & Electrical

As part of the CRM 2019/20 works, all Comms and Plant room UPS systems was upgraded to provide the requisite N+1 provision due to the Gold category of the building.

The existing UPS units and all associated equipment, which had reached end of serviceable life, was removed from existing Plant Rooms, Comms and Server Rooms.

The lower ground was then fed via a new Vertiv 200kVA UPS in an N+1 arrangement located within the New purpose built UPS area on the Lower Ground floor. The remainder of the building was supplied by a Vertiv 160KVA UPS in an N+1 arrangement located within the new purpose built UPS area on the lower ground floor.

Each of the new UPS systems includes rack mounted batteries to give a minimum of 10 mins end-of-life battery autonomy at full load capacity.

The units were enclosed within separate, fire-rated, rooms to maintain full resilience.

Each new dedicated UPS room was configured to house 1 of the Vertiv 200 kVA UPS units 1 of the 160kVA) UPS unit.

All rooms were designed to contain a DX cooling systems to achieve N+1 resilience. The AC systems were fed via diverse supplies and were generator backed.

All rooms were afforded fire suppression with each room on its own suppression system. The associated bottles and control panels were installed outside these fire-rated rooms.

New general & emergency lighting, general small power, fire alarm, leak detection and ancillary services were installed within all new purpose-built rooms.

New diverse power supplies were installed to supply the new UPS systems. The supplies emanated from spare ways within existing LV panels, located in the Lower Ground Floor Switch Room.

All new sub main cabling and suitable containment was required to be installed from the new supply locations to the new UPS Systems.

A new simplified changeover and bypass arrangement was installed to the new UPS systems to facilitate easy maintenance and operation of the UPS systems. The new changeover panels included all required incoming and outgoing ways to facilitate the UPS power.

Existing circuit protection devices and cabling supplying the existing UPS systems were disconnected and removed. The new UPS systems supplied the existing final circuits in the existing Comms Distribution Boards. All sub main cabling from the UPS Systems to the downstream distribution boards was replaced as part of these works.

New essential distribution boards were installed, served by the new UPS systems. A new mechanical plant distribution board was also installed as part of the works.