Project Description

Client: Wates Smartspace
Project Name: Southampton Combined Courts
Project Location: Southampton
Contract Length: 16 months
Services: Heating, cooling, ventilation, hot and cold water, automatic controls, lighting.

Wates Smartspace appointed AMD Environmental to complete a number of upgrades to Southampton Combined Courts over 16 months. In this time, the AMD team successfully replaced outdated Air Handlings units to improve air quality and completed an upgrade to the Court’s Building Management System including energy saving measures across the building, along with multiple other component replacements and upgrades.

The challenge of this project was that much of the work had to be completed in a live building, so the AMD team were dedicated to causing minimal disruption to daily Court proceedings. This was particularly crucial in the aftermath of the Covid-19 Pandemic where courts have been working to reduce backlogs.

  • Replacement of 21no. Air Handlings Units to provide 100% fresh air.
  • Replacement of 15no. Fan Coil Units.
  • Replacement and upgrade of 10no. circulation pumps.
  • Upgrade to Building Management System including graphics and energy saving measures.
  • Upgrade of hot water storage to include renewable technology Air Source Heat Pumps.
  • Upgrade of cold-water system to boosted pressure.

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