Project Description

Wallington School for Girls

Wallington School for Girls, Surrey

CLIENT: Wallington School for Girls
SERVICES: Service, maintenance and technical support
SECTOR: Education

AMD Environmental has been the service provider to Wallington School for many years. We carry out a rolling monthly maintenance programme with the school for its Air Conditioning; Water Hygiene Services; Mechanical Plant; Ventilation systems. This is programmed to suit the school’s time tables so the minor works can be carried outside of school time hours and major works are built in to the school holidays.

We have nominated engineers for the site and all staff are DBS checked and approved before they are able to attend the school for any reason.

In addition to maintenance, we have also installed additional systems to new areas of the school as it has grown. This includes study areas, where the system installed had to meet the requirements for noise levels. We also installed system to new and existing class rooms and general office areas.