Environmental sustainability has rapidly become a priority agenda for responsible companies and organisations to work towards net zero targets. In the current economic climate, businesses must reduce operational costs and protect their bottom line. AMD thinks differently and, with expectations to be a leader in their field, has expanded and bolstered its Carbon and Energy Reduction Team in 2022 specifically to help and support its clients in transitioning to net zero.

Beyond new talent joining the business, investing in training and development across the business in this area has enabled AMD to reinforce and propose the most sustainable solutions to clients. The vision for offering an exceptional Energy and Carbon Reduction service to clients is being optimised at all stages of operations – from the design stage through to installation and aftercare – demonstrating our passion and commitment to making targets possible and achievable in partnership with clients.

The introduction of AMD’s Energy and Carbon Reduction services aimed to ensure clients were ethical, compliant, and resilient to external economic factors such as rising energy costs. It was also to ensure AMD could proactively support partners through knowledge, expertise, and insights, helping them understand what steps they can take to reduce carbon emissions and demonstrate the savings to their organisations.

What our clients say:

‘We understand as a business that we need to transition to net zero, but it has been a new concept to our established business. We lacked the knowledge and enough information to understand what this means and how this can be achieved. The reason we engaged AMD Environmental is to be able to tackle this transition through a provider that can help us with the entire process

‘As with any organisation, any transformational change requires a strong business and an understanding of the associated costs. We appreciate that changes need to be made but are unaware of what this transition would cost us at an already difficult time and what initiatives and incentives are available for an organisation of our size. AMD Environmental has been able to support us through our evolution by providing us with a detailed payback period study as well as the various options available to us’

A Note from Our Managing Directors

“We are proud to be a leading a MEP provider, but we recognised early on that delivering projects and FM services successfully was not enough. We have been determined to become a leader in changing organisations, through cultural and ethical change, and by physically and operationally reducing their impact on the climate. We recognised that we needed to incorporate carbon and energy management through the delivery of our services. The only way this could be achieved was to develop our people amongst our existing delivery teams such as design who are now qualified as a low-carbon consultant’s. This enables us to offer the full turnkey solution to our clients without the need to engage a third-party carbon management company which emphasises how passionate we are about making this change.”

The AMD Energy and Carbon reduction team consists of Low Carbon Consultants, individuals qualified with an MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering and qualified Non-Domestic Energy Assessors.

Recent projects have included a UK Wide decarbonisation programme for a major high street bank, involving the removal of gas from 88 branches – successfully delivered within four months.

Today, AMD Environmental is critically helping businesses to understand the level of carbon emissions they are omitting through their premises and providing them with Energy Performance Certificates for their corporate campuses. The partnership approach means clients are better informed to understand what improvements are needed to their premises to meet legislative requirements as well as the different options available to incorporate innovative technologies and upgrades, allowing them to become more sustainable and benefit from savings on costs, energy and carbon emissions.