We are at an interesting and pivotal time in our drive to de-carbonise our commercial building stock. Like most developed countries, the UK is facing far-ranging challenges in achieving its carbon-neutral pledge by 2050, with so much to consider for our public sector clients in meeting those government targets, such as:

  • Selecting key advisors and contractors
  • Analysing and monitoring their existing Building stock and assets
  • Choosing the right projects to take forward for funding
  • Analysing the benefits of certain technologies
  • Trying to predict future energy prices and which technologies will be long term
  • Considering the “fabric first” approach when an M&E upgrade would be quicker, easier, and less disruptive; and
  • Applying for funding and ensuring the application is of suitable quality to win the funding

All of this can be a daunting experience. At AMD Environmental, we are partnered with various Public Sector clients who have been ahead of the curve and are well placed, however, we recognise there are many others that need support to achieve their ambitions and have significant experience and expertise to offer.

Over the last 12-months, we have carried out a series of “De-Carb” and energy reduction projects nationwide, including projects for:

  • Removal of gas boilers in favour of electric panel heating.
  • Large-scale heat pump installations
  • AHU and heat pump upgrade combinations (with associated gas booster removal)
  • LED upgrade projects
  • Ground source heat pumps and associated Infrastructure
  • AHU refurbishment and upgrade (using existing units)
  • Electric boiler installations
  • Large-scale EV charging projects
  • VRV/VRF Projects
  • Controls Upgrade works


Supporting your de-carbonisation projects

Our low energy and de-carbonisation services range from initial scoping, analysing, surveying, and design to full installation and commissioning. From our offices in London and Edinburgh, we cover the entire UK and support clients throughout the country. If you are addressing one or multiple selections of the following requirements please contact us

  • Initial meetings to discuss the scope and what clients want to achieve
  • Preparation of EPC’s
  • Monitoring loads and energy consumption
  • Asset register preparation
  • Helping select the most important projects
  • Providing the necessary information for funding
  • Budget and cost advice
  • Selection of plant (through our extensive supplier network)
  • Full Design (Through our design partners)
  • Logistics advice
  • Full Installation and commissioning
  • Post Project De-Brief and analytics

Further guidance

The guidance for the next government application window, Phase 3b, will be published in July 2022, with the application window planned to open in September 2022.

Relevant links are provided below: