Proud to announce that AMD Environmental have secured a nationwide ‘Decarbonisation Programme’ with a major High Street Bank.

Building on their existing company-wide decarbonisation efforts, whilst 100% of the client’s electricity comes from renewable sources, there remains a small proportion that comes from gas and diesel. AMD Environmental are supporting the removal of a gas supplies from the entire Branch Network.

88 Locations in 16 Weeks

The ambitious challenge will be for 88 projects to be surveyed, designed, procured and delivered within a 4-month period – from Dundee in the North, right down to Barnstable in the Southwest.

With a well-planned project in place, supported by our experienced Energy and Carbon Reduction team, we’ll continue to work collaboratively with the client to survey each branch and establish the works required to remove the existing gas fired heating systems in their entirety, replacing the old radiators (where required) with highly-efficient electric heaters.

Managing Director, Jon King, comments “We are delighted to be supporting one of our national High Street banking clients in this project.  Energy and Carbon Reduction has become our fastest growing service line, and it is of great pride to the entire business that partners such as this continue to trust in AMD Environmental, confident in our track record of delivery and success.”

Further updates to follow