What business does not want to meet its ambition? Creating an impact and growing a business across a major UK region is a big task, especially when joining an already successful team. But this doesn’t seem to phase new AMD Environmental Directors, George Craig and Brian McFarlane – who have big plans – and the drive to deliver it.

“In recent times my role had been at a senior level of a very large PLC organisation and was detracted by internal politics and everything else that comes with large corporate organisations. I am looking forward to being part of the AMDe team and getting back to basics and the day-to-day involvement of mechanical and electrical projects.” – George Craig

We see that this extension of the AMD Environmental family will offer significant value and operational benefits to all existing clients, and will enable a full layer of service delivery to anticipated new client relationships.” – Brian McFarlane.  Read full news feature.

George and Brian talk about the opportunity, industry challenges and their own new roles:


Q  So, what was it that convinced you to join with Jon, Marcus and the team?

George – I first met Marcus & Jon when we were involved in a strategic alliance partnership for a major banking organisation framework. It was clear during these collaborative workshops that we had similar views and desire to deliver cost effective solutions for our common client. This was quite an innovative alliance for its time and to share knowledge and best practise with your “competitors” required a high level of trust. However the behaviours of the AMD team demonstrated we were on the same page and facilitated the transition from “competitors to partners”.

Brian – I had always heard good things about AMD Environmental from mutual clients in the South. When I was introduced to Jon and Marcus, and learned about their vision for an UK wide offering, I was instantly drawn in.  I liked their personalities and could sense that they had a good style of leadership, which was further reinforced when I met the rest of the team in London.  After this second meeting it was clear to me that this was a great opportunity to join a successful team, and I duly accepted.  The icing on the cake was the opportunity to work with George again.  George and I have a long-standing relationship and we share the same values about the industry and how we treat staff and clients alike.  This solid partnership will pay dividends for us as we grow the North business.


Q What makes you different from other M&E/Energy Specialists?

George – It is very apparent that the AMD team has maintained a focus on client satisfaction. It is so important in these changing times to understand what the client is trying to achieve. Innovation and technology is going through some of the most radical changes I have witnessed in my 40+ years in this industry and we have to relay this knowledge to our clients. In my opinion we have to be open to change how we deliver projects and be flexible with the solutions that suit the challenges ahead.

Brian – Although our business is skilled at traditional office fit-outs, industrial units, and complex buildings, we really come into our own when working on Challenging Design and Build Replacement Projects.  These replacement projects generally involve integrating new renewable technologies and this is where we excel.  Although there are traditional M&E contractors on new build projects and small companies doing solar panels and car chargers, we are truly integrators of everything on existing buildings. The more complex, the better. We generally can always find solutions to a client’s problems, even if we have to dig a bit deeper.  We have a number of product partners, and we work closely with them to get the technology that will serve our clients’ needs and future-proof the installation.  With the growth of our FM team, we will also work closely with them to provide a full end-to-end service for our clients.


Q What do you offer to potential staff looking to join AMD Environmental?

George Throughout my career I have been involved in mentoring and developing staff / operatives to help them progress in their career. Providing the opportunities and career path for enthusiast individuals to realise their potential is one of the most rewarding aspects of this role. Joining AMDe North at this stage of our development is a fantastic opportunity to be part of the journey and grow along with the company. Exciting times lie ahead with the realisation of clients / end users to have the most efficient cost-effective systems, new sustainable technologies and delivery methods are being developed. We need to change with the times and have the correct attitude to be flexible.

Brian – We have other Operational Staff joining the team from May onwards and the staff we have spoken with so far, really bought into our vision for the future of AMD Environmental.  We aren’t a traditional contractor like many others in the sector and this is attractive to the people we have spoken with.  We have modern offices, we work flexibly, we have interesting and challenging projects and we want to work with our clients who treat our staff well.  We are recruiting young people and have intentions to continually invest in the young talent in our sector.